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Employee Links

Families Matter 365 Pledge DonationFamilies Matter: 365 Pledge Donation- Make a donation to SAFY's 2018 Families Matter campaign.

Report PortalReport Portal- The new repository for all reporting needs - clinical, financial, administrative, etc. The fastest way to review reports from SOAR - and eventually all other data sources within the organization.

SEWSEW- SAFY Employee Website has all the SAFY information an employee may need. Each division has their own section, and each employee has their own space for uploading documents

CRMCRM-Used for check request approvals, and Empowering Families

SOARSOAR- Used by employees to manage caseloads

ADPADP- Used for Employee Time tracking, Requesting Days off, and Performance Evals

ConcurConcur- Expense and Mileage tracking for SAFY Employees

Relias Learning Online TrainingRelias Learning Online Training - Training website

SAFY WebmailSAFY Webmail- Webmail is a great way to check your email while out of the office or not on your PC

Gotcha PointsSAFY Store (MarComm)- SAFY's new store to purchase SAFY merchandise and apparel.

Gotcha PointsGotcha Points- Used to check your Gotcha Points that are awarded for going above and beyond

Check RequestCheck Request- Expense form to fill out when you need reimbursed or when a vendor needs paid. For questions contact apfinance@safy.org

Company Vehicle Use FormCompany Vehicle Use Form- Form People with company vehicles are to fill out this form when they receive the vehicle and between Nov 1 and Nov 7 every year to record their personal miles driven with the company vehicle for tax purposes. For questions contact apfinance@safy.org

Purchase RequestPurchase Request- When purchasing an item over $500 PRIOR approval is needed using the Purchase Requisition. For questions contact apfinance@safy.org

Indiana Older Youth ServicesIndiana Older Youth Services- Used by the state of Indiana for requesting funds for foster kids

South Carolina Empowering FamiliesSouth Carolina Empowering Families- Used by the state of South Carolina for Empowering Families

South Carolina Empowering FamiliesEmpowering Families- SAFY Empowering Families website

Historical Kaleidacare DataHistorical Kaleidacare Data- Review documentation for clients and foster parents from our legacy system.